This off-white colored tee has a matte black stripe on the right side of the body and a heartwarming text on the chest. We picked out the best cotton that minimizes a see-through effect but is still very soft and smooth to create that perfect elegant fit.

Note: print will naturally fade after washing.
‘Not yet perfect, always genuine.’ : )

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This off-white tee has a matte black printed stripe on the right side of the body (when worn) and a black print on the left side of the chest. The high-quality cotton is locally sourced and feels very comfortable on the skin. The short sleeves and flattering neckline are making this tee the perfect choice to finish an outfit.

Note: print will naturally fade after washing.
‘Not yet perfect, always genuine.’ : )

Made with love in Java, Indonesia.
Fair trade.
Locally sourced and produced fabric.

Product details
Cotton (100%).

Your item(s) will come to you wrapped in recycled paper, recycled plastic (for maximum protection) and recycled cardboard (for packaging). The labels or tags on your product(s) are made from 100% recycled eco+ FSC paper.

When you buy the Suli Tee, J-LAB3L will donate 5% of the profits of each piece to the The Organic Cotton Accelerator’ (click here to go to the website). Cotton is the very fibre of our industry, but farming it is a water devouring, resource-intensive business. Conventional production requires large amounts of water, pesticides and fertilizer. These chemicals damage farmers’ health and cause the loss of biodiversity. Organic cotton is better for farmers’ health, their businesses and the environment. But right now, less than 1% of the world’s cotton is certified organic and demand is exceeding supply. There’s no general vision or plan with regard to the best way forward. At the same time, it is difficult for farmers to convert. Going organic requires new skills, knowledge and access to certified organic seeds. Profits may also decrease the first years compared to genetically modified seeds, which means farmers have no incentive to make the switch. The Organic Cotton Accelerator focuses on creating a prosperous organic cotton sector, that benefits everyone – from farmer to consumer.


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