Working on collection no. II

It’s been a while since our last blog post. After our launch almost three months ago we now know what it really takes to run a fashion label. We both are the whole company in this early stage which means we design the new collection, have brainstorm sessions, manage the sampling phase, make size charts for new items, source new fabrics, manage the production stage, do our marketing, administration and taxes, have customer contact, supply our retailers, handle the setbacks, wrap your orders and bring them to the post office. Although it’s very busy, no complaints at all, just a honest story.

We’re extremely thankful for so many things. Our first collection has been received so well by you all which resulted in the fact that our Ning dress is sold out (we only have one size L and XL left!) and our charcoal Era pants as well amongst other things. We only had two webshop returns over the last three months which means we can say the looks and quality of our items is, indeed, as good as we aimed for. We’re also very happy with the fact our bussiness partners in Indonesia can handle our perfectionism and endless attempts to make a new item even better instead of being totally fed up with us. : ) And, of course, we want to thank you for being our customer or supporter!

At this moment we’re finishing our second collection. We will restock some items shortly and present new items like a perfect blouse, lovely t-shirts and the Ning dress in new colors. Below we give a sneak peek in the pictures. We can’t wait to continue with part two. We hope you’re looking foward to it as much as we are! : )

Have a great week!
X Judith & Janneke

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