Bali (business) trip


In this blog entry I will tell you about my trip to Bali. The purpose of this trip was not solely business, but I also met family and friends from The Netherlands. My stepmom, sister, and 4 good friends were all visiting Ubud at the same time. It was an amazing opportunity combining business with pleasure: catching up with friends and family on my favorite island. I was there for two days on my own to source fabric and accessories. We have some really cool ideas for sweater-designs which is our priority now that the colder days have really kicked off in The Netherlands. We would also like to add some accessories to our collection made of leather as well as vegan material.

After two days of really hard work my family flew in while I was meditating with my dear friend at the yoga barn. We spent 3 days in an old colonial house in between the rice terraces, walked the streets and markets of Ubud, got chased and almost robbed by a monkey, got scared by snakes and spiders, had the best healthy meals ever, and above all we enjoyed the weekend together with loved ones. We are now flying back to Jakarta. I’m full of ideas and have a never-ending to-do list. Janneke and I will need to block a few hours later today to catch up. We also have some really great news with two upcoming collaborations in The Netherlands, so stay tuned!




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