We have received many questions about the launch of our webshop which (hopefully) will take place in a few weeks from now. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact date as we might encounter delays in production and transportation. Nevertheless, we’re so thrilled to notice you guys are looking forward to the launch just as much as we do! : ) In the meanwhile we will share news and pictures here in the blog section.

Those who have taken a look in our webshop already, may have noticed that our articles have special names. We decided to name all our items after the people who contributed to the final creation of our first collection, in order to honor them. Jackie, Eva, Yuni, Ning, Sri, Era, Siti and Suli, we can’t thank you enough! Below you can find a few pictures made behind the scenes already. Later we will share more. In our next blog we will explain which fabrics and fibers we’ve used for our collection and we promise to give you a peek into the colors and prints we’ve chosen. To be continued!

Love, Janneke


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