You have no idea how proud we are to write our first blog on the J-LAB3L website! Our mission is to produce fair trade fashion with no one being exploited or mistreated. Well, we seem to fail big time with regards to ourselves lately as we are working day and night. Finalizing the collection, building a webshop, writing content and managing fabrication and production is very time consuming. : ) However, it’s such a fun and beautiful project that it’s absolutely worth it! All our designs are ready and they are being produced as we speak. It’s so exciting that we will receive the physical products in only a few weeks’ time. The collection will be called ‘Indian Summer’ and it will be a pre-fall collection. We ensure you that you will be able to wear most of the items during high summer if you like, because the colors and fits are perfectly adjusted to the European fading seasons. How sustainable is that for your wardrobe? ; ) We can’t wait to present the items to you in our webshop.

The coming weeks we will work hard on the photoshoots for our website to complete the webshop and to make our social media ready to go. You can expect updates and sneak previews in this blog section from now on until the launch of the collection. Stay tuned!

Love, Judith & Janneke

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